Morgridge Family Foundation And mindSpark Learning Are Changing The Education Landscape

Morgridge Family Foundation, in partnership with mindSpark Learning, is proud to announce an initiative to give away one million dollars in professional development for educators. Each organization believes in the importance of education and the ultimate impact it will have on the future of students and educators alike. While innovation is taking place in pockets across the country, the education system as a whole has still not adapted to the times and the growing demands of industries. It is imperative that students are aptly prepared for the careers of the future, and this begins and ends with education. That is why Morgridge Family Foundation and mindSpark Learning are making this announcement -- to elevate education through the most impactful path: educators.

Grant Funds Can Be Used for Any of the Three Programs Below

The application takes less than 10 minutes to fill out, 85% of applicants on average are accepted and once the dollars are gone, they're gone -- apply soon

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Institutes are available at mindSpark Learning, and nationally as well and are facilitated by former educators. Topics include design thinking, EdTech, mindfulness, SEL and STEM.

Education Accelerator

9-month innovation program designed to support leaders in solving their school's biggest problem of practice by investing in their school culture and learning the importance of risk-taking.

Professional Learning

Professional learning experiences available in-school and on site at mindSpark Learning, that support educators in increasing student engagement. 

About The Grant Process

The funds will be awarded directly to educators, schools and/or districts across the nation through a simple grant process, which will also include a matching component. Matching funds may come from corporations, local businesses, foundations or other philanthropic entities, individuals, or schools or districts themselves. Learn more about pricing below (costs associated represent the entire cost of the program):

Total Cost of Programs

Application deadline September, 20 2018

Program use deadline May 31

  • Institutes: $575-625*
  • Education Accelerator**: $10,000*
  • Professional Learning Experiences**: $5,000+ per school or district preferred*

* Ideal matching for applicants contains 50% of the total cost of program.

** Cost varies based on location, travel needs, number of attendees and scope of work. 

Each grant awarded must be applied to one of the three mindSpark Learning programs above. Grant funds may not be applied to travel, lodging, meals or substitute coverage for educators.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page: